Our story

Calvary is a hotel inspired by the street and history around us. The 19th century classicist building, restored and revived to become your home in Vilnius.

Calvary past is as intriguing as its future.

It was built in the 19th century, but we know very little about the life there when the building was just built. The oldest photo found in the archives is from the 1920s, at that time the building was used by the Polish border customs, it was the outskirts of Vilnius. Can you believe that? The documents also state that the building belonged to the Jews for a long time, and the primary purpose of the building was to rent apartments. In the 1940s, when the old owner of the building died, the building was inherited by his son Shevel Baranovsky. It was at that time, the Soviet Union came to Lithuania and sources state that this building was the base of Red Army officers for quite some time. But the last known users of the building were the Lithuanian police. The address of the first police station for many years was Kalvarijų 59.

And while there are probably many things we will never know about this place and how much this building has seen but it is known that the walls of Calvary have been touched by many generations and even nations. Now only the fragments of the old walls of the building that adorn the hotel corridors remind us of the building’s past, just like the ones you see in the photo from the 1920s. Patches of old but still solid bricks that have become a charming interior accent.

1920s. At that time, the address of the building was Kalvariju St. 69.

“Vilnius is a hearth of controversial, multicolored history and culture…” – Vladas Drema

In order to acquaint our guests with the history of Vilnius from the first minutes, we decorated the walls of all 65 rooms from floor to ceiling with maps of the capital reflecting on 1840 with historical photographs of that time. Also, when entering the hotel, guests are greeted by a walled fountain with a 19th-century map of Vilnius in the background.

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